At this time of year, if we listen, we hear that Jesus came.  He left the splendor and majesty of heaven to come and live among us.  Two thousand years ago, He came to teach us how to live.  He is Emmanuel…God with us.

Today, He is still Emmanuel, as He lives in us and through us.

At Puget Sound Christian Clinic, we constantly see Emmanuel in our volunteers and staff.  They serve as His hands and feet, loving those who come in desperate need of health care.

Sandra’s Story

Sandra is one who came.  For nearly 2 years she had been fighting to stay afloat.  Since she lost health coverage, things had gone from bad to worse. Her heart condition required medication that she couldn’t afford. She was also in tremendous pain due to a degenerative joint condition in her hip. She’s only 55, but seemed so much older because of her bad health.

Sandra is like many people who come to us — stuck in a vicious cycle. Because she couldn’t afford medical care, her health problems worsened. As her health problems worsened, she couldn’t work as many hours, making her even less likely to get the care she needed.

Thankfully, that’s not where Sandra’s story ends. Because of loving volunteers and people who give, we were able to refer Sandra for an EKG.  And volunteers helped her get the heart medications she needed.

Then Susan, our Nurse Manager, sprang into action, working tirelessly to find an orthopedic surgeon who could help restore Sandra’s hip. It took several hours of phone calls and paperwork, but Sandra is scheduled to have hip replacement surgery soon!

Sandra is feeling better now that she’s on heart medication — but she’s most excited about being able to get around again once her hip surgery is done. She is hopeful that she’ll be able to work more hours again and get back on her feet financially.

Even better, she’s been encouraged by the godly love and support she’s received from PSCC staff and volunteers — for the first time in a long time, she doesn’t feel alone in the world.

Emmanuel is with us, here at PSCC, loving our patients as we allow Him to flow through us.

This Christmas, how have you seen God’s presence?