God Loves, In Every Language

God loves each one of us deeply.  He persistently and ardently pursues relationships with those He loves.  At the clinic, we get to be a part of that, as He loves patients through us.  Each time I think of Mr. Pang* and Lily*, I’m delighted again by God’s passionate love for us. Mr. Pang, an

Successful Pilot in Snohomish

The second Snohomish pilot was great!  Nine patients received health care, and all were so appreciative. All volunteer positions were staffed, and internet connectivity was almost perfect.  Even the printer and fax machine worked!  Thank you to all who volunteered, prayed, and gave.  Your contributions are making a difference in the lives of so many!

Snohomish Pilot #2: January 13, 2011

This week we’re making final preparations for our second pilot clinic in Snohomish.  Volunteers are ready, the mobile clinic is stocked, and changes in our technology have been made.  Hopefully, the technology changes mean internet connectivity is improved.  We’ll find out tomorrow.  Thank you, Carl, Tycen, and Kevin, for all your work.  With all these pieces in


 Have you noticed all the stuff that can divide us?  You and I may come from different racial/ethnic backgrounds or have divergent political views.  Perhaps I have greater (or lesser) financial resources than you.  Or maybe you have more education than me.  The list goes on... Diversity can create walls between me and