Empowering Patients to Change Their Health — and Their Lives

It’s all because of your generosity!

Angela* is a local woman in her late 50’s. We first met her at a vocational class she was taking at Goodwill — where we regularly visit to tell potentially underserved neighbors about health screening services provided by the clinic.

After being laid off, Angela had been looking for a new job for several months with no success. “I’ve been at a hard place in my life — it’s scary for me. I’ve been working really hard on my job search, but I’m still struggling to get back on my feet,” she says.

As a result, Angela also struggled to address long-standing health problems, especially once her unemployment benefits ran out.

But here at Puget Sound Christian Clinic, she met providers who were willing to provide the care she so badly needed . . .

When Angela arrived at PSCC, it was incredibly apparent that she needed full wrap-around medical care. She is a classic example of how our patients struggle when they lack consistent access to affordable health care. She had several health issues that across multiple bodily functions (women’s health, eye care, endocrine issues, skin concerns, mobility). So while she lived in the unknown, fighting to make ends meet without employment, her health challenges were all left unaddressed and impacted her daily life. 

Over several visits, we were able to address many of Angela’s health care needs — 2 of which have greatly impacted her. First, Angela was immediately flagged as pre-diabetic. We provided labs and intervened with education about diet, exercise, and how to understand her body. With early intervention, Angela has an opportunity to reverse those symptoms and make changes before developing diabetes.

Second, Angela had a chronic kidney condition that was never properly diagnosed due to her infrequent access to consistent and comprehensive medical care. We were able to identify the issue, provide special labs/testing and refer her to the specialist needed to help manage this chronic condition. By removing the financial barrier, clearly communicating with Angela, and taking a comprehensive, holistic approach, our team of volunteers and staff were able to piece together her physical and personal story to meet her most critical needs. “I’m so thankful people were concerned about it — whenever I brought issues up, providers didn’t take me very seriously. I’m so relieved it wasn’t something more.”

Before coming to PSCC, Angela had neither the tools nor the support to take care of her body and improve her health. Today, she has been given a new opportunity! “I’m very grateful for the care I received,” Angela says. “It brings tears to my eyes. I absolutely love Cathy

[Angela’s provider]. She listens, is respectful and truly cares!”

How exhilarating it is to see a patient become empowered to take care of themselves and fully embrace it. The change is palpable, visible, and one of the most rewarding transitions we get to witness. It’s all because of your support — your faithfulness in giving, your faithfulness in sharing your time and talents, your faithfulness in prayer. THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of Angela and many other patients like her!

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